Office for International Students

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International Students Representative
Reem Al Safffar (
Gursel Abbas (

About Us

Welcome to the website of the Office for International Students. The Office for International Students was established in 2005 to assist international students who are already enrolled at Hacettepe University. Our office also provides information to students interested in pursuing undergraduate or graduate degrees at our university. We invite you to visit our website frequently for information on admissions, programs, and events designed to support Hacettepe University’s international community.


The Office for International Students assists and increases student participation in the academic, social and cultural life of the university.
International students will have a chance to understand and experience the rich mosaic of Turkish culture during their education. On the other hand, native students will appreciate the value of communicating and befriending students from diverse cultures. Thus, our community will grow stronger through cross-cultural interactions while contributing to the internationalization of Hacettepe University.
Services Include:

  • Providing information on admission and enrollment procedures for international students,
  • Providing information on health insurance and accommodation possibilities,
  • Organizing social and cultural activities on important and meaningful dates for international students,
  • Conducting an orientation program, followed by a Meet and Greet Party, that will help international students integrate and adjust to the academic, cultural, and social life of Hacettepe University,
  • Organizing special social and cultural activities for international students such as cultural tours to nearby points of interest and International Students’ Day,
  • Supporting the International Students’ Club to encourage communication and sharing among students,
  • Serving as a liaison with foreign embassies, sponsors, and educational foundations that support international students,

Circulating future activities through the university’s website ( and other media channels.