Campus Life

Hacettepe University Campuses

Hacettepe University has two main campuses in Ankara: Sıhhıye Campus is located in the old town section and hosts the Medical Center; Beytepe Campus is located in the newer section of the city, off Eskisehir Road.
The Sıhhiye Campus includes the Faculties of Dentistry, Medicine, and Pharmacy as well as the Schools of Health Administration, Health Services, Health Technology, Home Economics, Nursing, Physical Therapy and Rehabilitation, and the Hacettepe Vocational School. Three University Hospitals are also located on this campus. The campus hosts a Cultural Center, an auditorium, conference halls, an art gallery, a medical library, bank, post office, and accommodation facilities.
Beytepe Campus, which was established in 1975, is located 14 km. outside the city center, and stretches over 6,000,000 square meters of property. The campus houses the Faculties of Economics and Administrative Sciences, Education, Engineering, Fine Arts, Letters, and Science as well as the Schools of Foreign Languages, Sports Sciences and Technology, Law, Communication, and Vocational Technology. The Beytepe Campus also includes conference halls, indoor and outdoor sports facilities, a stadium, a central library, banks, a post office, cafeterias, and accommodation facilities. A Health Center is also located on this campus.
Established in 1940, the State Conservatory—the oldest institution of its kind in Turkey—became affiliated with Hacettepe University in 1982, and is located at the Beşevler Campus. The School of Social Work is housed on the Kecioren Campus. The Polatlı Health Services Vocational School and the Polatlı Technical Sciences Vocational School are in Polatlı province, located 75 km. from Ankara. 


The University library system is composed of the libraries at the Beytepe Campus, the Medical Center, the State Conservatory, and the School of Social Work. The Beytepe Campus and Medical Center Libraries are the main branches of the system. Combined, the libraries house over 360,000 books, periodicals, audio-visual sources, and electronic publications. The Open Public Access Catalogue (OPAC) is accessible over the Internet.
The University libraries also provide inter-library loan services. Working hours are subject to change depending on holidays and breaks (this information can be found on the library’s website). The libraries also provide photocopy services.
Beytepe Campus Library: Beytepe Library is located centrally on the Beytepe Campus and includes more than 80,000 titles related to science, engineering, the social sciences, literature, art, and the humanities. The library uses the Library of Congress (LC) classification system with subject headings in Turkish.
Medical Center Library: The Medical Center Library is located on the Sıhhıye Campus. It holds more than 65,000 titles on medicine and the health sciences. The library uses the National Library of Medicine (NLM) classification system with medical subject headings in Turkish. In addition to the central libraries, there are also departmental libraries with collections in their given fields. The University library ranks as one of the richest in Turkey.

Computing Services

Hacettepe University provides students, faculty and staff access to computers through numerous computing laboratories, including workstations in the libraries and the various faculties. A number of high performance workstations are also available in some departments.

Sports, Recreation, Clubs, Societies, and Cultural Activities

Indoor and outdoor physical training and sports facilities are available on both university main campuses. There are team activities for students and staff members, and the university participates in all branches of inter-university sports activities available in Turkey. An annual athletic festival is organized at the Beytepe campus featuring sporting competitions between the faculties and schools. The university has numerous outdoor facilities, including basketball and volleyball courts, soccer and American football fields, tennis courts, and an Olympic-size swimming pool.
Those interested in winter recreational sports can make use of the university’s Arslan Gundas ski lodge, located in Elmadağ (elevation 1800 meters), which is 40 kilometers outside of Ankara. A ski lift and ice-skating rink are also available for use.
The Beytepe Campus is located amidst parkland and forested property, and is ideal for outdoor activities.
Hacettepe is one of the few universities in Turkey that provides a wide range of elective courses in the fine arts, performance arts, and physical education. The courses offer both theoretical knowledge and practical hand-on experience. Students develop their interests in these areas and can also pursue new ones in the process. Moreover, there are several student clubs and societies, spanning a diverse array of fields. The university provides facilities and funding for clubs and societies, most of which are student-run with academic advisers. Students can establish new clubs and societies based on their interests by forming their own administrative boards and by applying to the university president’s office. There are several other cultural activities and social events organized by the university, faculties, departments, and student societies, such as the traditional “Back to School Welcoming Party,” a “Spring Festival,” and a “Sports Festival” held annually at the Beytepe Campus.

Banks, Post Office, Counseling Services, Health Services

There are several banks and ATMs (Automatic Teller Machines) on both main campuses. There are post offices on both the Sıhhıye and Beytepe campuses offering standard services.

Counseling Services

Mental health services are available to all students at the Sıhhıye, Beytepe, and State Conservatory Campuses. This includes counseling, evaluation, referrals, and treatment by medical professionals.

Health Services
The Beytepe Health Center offers a wide range of services, from emergency to laboratory services, and includes a forty-bed capacity outpatient hospital. If necessary, patients can also be transferred to one of Hacettepe University’s hospitals located on the Sıhhıye campus. The campus health centers also treat our student athletes. Hacettepe University Hospital, which is comprised of adult, pediatric, and oncology hospitals, has an 850 adult bed capacity and a 288 pediatric bed capacity. There are also 114 outpatient clinics actively admitting patients. Hacettepe University Hospital is one of the top university research hospitals in Ankara, and in the country.  

Restaurants, Cafes, and Cafeterias

Campus restaurants, cafes, and cafeterias offer students a variety of dining options. Menus are composed bearing in mind that most students live on a tight budget. Approximately 15,000 students visit the restaurants and cafeterias on a daily basis. There are also canteens on both campuses.